Itelyum Regeneration works to ensure and continuously improve the quality of products, processes and services. Therefore, it adopts a systematic approach to meet the increasing challenges of quality requirements, creating value along the products life cycle and improving relationships with customers and suppliers. Moreover, by combining the sustainable vision with the increasing demands of the market, the group aims to understand, control and communicate the technical and environmental performances as well as the effects related with the health and safety of products throughout their life cycle, from production to final disposal or reuse. Certified process quality As evidence of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System implemented, the regeneration plants of Pieve Fissiraga (LO) and Ceccano (FR), obtained and keep maintaining ISO 9001 Quality Certification. Environmental product label The regenerated bases produced are REMADE in ITALY ® certified, the first trademark for the certification of products and materials coming from recycling and reuse. The label communicates the environmental impacts resulting from the recycling process, in terms of gas emissions reduction and energy saving compared to the production of the same goods with raw materials. REMADE in ITALY ® was born to promote sustainability in the Italian industries and to reliably certify products involved in Green Public Procurement (GPP). The label certifies the traceability of the product becoming a tool of transparency and simplification for the GPP and the private market. REMADE in ITALY ® is independent and is recognized by Accredia, with the technical-scientific partnership of the Ministry of the Environment, and it is expressly recognized in the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) issued by the Ministry to regulate the environmental criteria for each purchasing sector, that must necessarily be applied by the public administrations according to the Procurement Code.  

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