Itelyum Regeneration adopts a code of ethics and a  governance model regulating  administrative responsibility according to the key principles of ethics and conduct underlying Itelyum model, which also include the founding principles of its sustainable strategy.

The adopted Model of Organization, Management and Control aims to prevent the risk of committing specific crimes, mainly in the field of corruption, bribery, fraud against the State, corporate crimes, fencing, wrongful death or serious physical injury in violation of safety regulations, environmental crimes, but also terrorism or crimes against the individual, market abuse and others. The Supervisory Board, autonomous and independent, is charged with supervising the functioning and compliance with the model itself, including the identification of a company structure dedicated to internal audit.

Itelyum Regeneration establishes and maintains relationships with customers and suppliers based on partnerships, shared commitments and transparent exchange of information and experiences. Itelyum’s adherence to the Global Compact of the United Nations confirms and renews the good practices already inspired by the Code of Ethics, in order to achieve a better management of risks (financial, technical and ethical) of the suppliers and contractors, defining some minimum and non-negotiable requirements, to be evaluated before entering in the value chain of Itelyum.

All these elements are reflected in the group or local policies adopted,  which are the basis of all the Management Systems implemented or in the process of implementation, giving substance to the daily operation.

Itelyum Regeneration has obtained the legality rating, with a score of ★★++, a certification issued by the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) only after in-depth checks carried out in cooperation with the Italian Justice and Home Affairs Departments.