For over 50 years Itelyum Regeneration Spa has been a European leader in the production of high quality regenerated lubricant bases , obtained through a self-developed and patented re-refining process. Thanks to the technologies adopted, such as catalytic hydrogenation, the re-refining plants can treat the waste oils to produce high-performance and sustainable regenerated bases, used by the most important lubricant industries in the world.

The technological and management excellence adopted by Itelyum guarantees chemical-physical and performance characteristics equal to or superior to the lubricant bases obtained from crude oil. The Group I+ and II + base oils produced are ideal for use in various lubrication applications in the automotive and industrial sectors. In addition, they meet the most stringent performance and environmental requirements of modern lubricants.

The waste oil re-refining plants of Pieve Fissiraga (LO) and Ceccano (FR) have a treatment capacity of about 200,000 tons per year, producing mainly regenerated lubricating bases, but also diesel and bitumen. To complete a virtuous path, all Itelyum regenerated lubricant bases obtain the environmental product certification.

La storia

Talking about Itelyum Regeneration means to retrace the history of Viscolube, which for half a centuryhas continued to evolve until it reached European leadership.

Founded in Pieve Fissiraga in 1963, the company has grown as the demand for regenerated lubricant bases has also increased. Dynamism, tenacity, continuous innovation have laid the foundation for the constant growth of the business.

The 1983 establishment of the National Consortium for the Collection, Management and Treatment of Mineral Used Oils (CONOU) represented a fundamental step for the collection and regeneration sector, that would  accompany the companies in the sector by encouraging and driving their continuous search for improvement of the quality and environmental performance,  integrating the different actors in the industrial chain.

In 2001 the company acquired the Ceccano regeneration plant from Eni and, through efficient management accompanied by significant investments, it increased the production capacity of its plants, becoming the leading waste oil re-refining company in Italy.

In 2013, Viscolube started diversifying its activities within the field of collection and management of special waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) by creating a dedicated division, now called Itelyum Environment, that has begun to acquire and integrate different realities operating on the Italian territory.

From 2013 to 2015 new investment strategies were carried out among which two cogeneration plants (one for each refinery) to meet the energy needs, a new distillation column and a series of process innovations.

This path has led to a company structure which, since 2019, has been part of  Itelyum, a pioneer of circular economy, a national leader and a recognized international player in the management and valorization of industrial waste.