Regeneration is the process that best enhances the collected used oil since it allows to transform it  back into high-quality products.

Itelyum Regeneration adopts a proprietary patented process, which is among the most widespread worldwide, producing group I+ and II+ lubricant bases, used by the most important lubricant companies in the world. Revivoil technology was innovatively developed in collaboration with the French company Axens and is today exported to many countries of the world. It allows the highest control of product quality and environmental performance. Only in this way products such as oils with API Group II characteristics can be obtained, having low Sulphur and unsaturates content and a very low content of aromatic compounds.


The adopted process allows to obtain a very high yield: 100 kg of used oil generate on average 65 kg of regenerated bases, about 22 kg of bitumen and gasoil and 8 kg of water sent back to the environment completely purified. Only the remaining 5 kg are sent to authorized third parties for possible further valorization.