Itelyum Regeneration adopts a code of ethics, the document that transposes Vision, Mission and Values of Itelyum, defining the rules governing collective and individual behaviors, in compliance with but not limited to the reference laws in force.

The ethical values that guide the conduct of the company are:

Integrity: we put ethics at the heart of all our activities, acting with respect, honesty, and transparency, through consistent governance.

Diversity: people are the energy source of our growth. Our working environment is based on trust and a sense of belonging. We work to redistribute local knowledge and experience for the benefit of the entire organization.

Efficiency: we aim to achieve and maintain high operational standards, combining technical expertise, management skills and proactivity to ensure integrated processes, products and services that are efficient, effective and sustainable globally and customized for each market.

Responsibility: sustainability for us means the responsible and winning combination of excellence in economic performance, protection and enhancement of natural capital and improvement of life quality of present and future generations.

Innovation: quality, technology and research are the basis of our entrepreneurial approach. To be able to grasp the change and meet new ideas, we turn to young talents and observe the markets evolution.