Itelyum was born in April 2019 from the decades of experience of Viscolube, Bitolea and its investee companies to play a leading role internationally in the circular economy, through the regeneration of used lubricating oils, the production of pure solvents and from chemical waste and in environmental services for industry.

Being the recognised industry leader does not only mean to produce responsibly, market sustainable products and provide integrated solutions to the market, but also to be an inspiration and a visible example to all those who believe that every source of well-being. Whether it relates to people or their intellectual capacity, the use of natural or financial resources, and the management of space or time, should not be neglected or wasted but valued.

We help preserve natural resources and improve the quality of life with sustainable processes, products and solutions for waste management and optimisation of the markets we serve. At the same time, we share value creation with our business partners, society and the environment.