In line with the Vision, Mission and Values of the group, Itelyum Regeneration adopts the group’s Sustainability Policies, translating them into structured objectives and programs, with actions and initiatives tailored to the specificities of its production activities and on the expectations of stakeholders and territories in its sphere of influence.

In addition, Itelyum Regeneration SRL confirms its adherence to the United Nations Global Compact and renews its commitment to make its principles an integral part of its strategies, organizational culture and daily operations.

Last but not least, in 2011 Itelyum joined the Responsible Care program of Ferderchimica, a voluntary membership program of the global chemical industry, based on the implementation of virtuous principles and conduct concerning the employees’ safety and health, as well as the commitment to the communication of the results achieved in the process towards constant improvement, which must be tangible and significant. Companies within this sector can choose to voluntarily be part of said program.

Sharing the integrated economic-productive, environmental and social performances with all stakeholders is an essential step. Since 2004, Itelyum Regeneration has been publishing local Sustainability Reports, with the main environmental and social performances of Ceccano and Pieve Fissiraga plants. Since 2017 it has been publishing a Sustainability Report , including the entire perimeter of Itelyum, prepared following the latest Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, that also includes the COP (Communication on Progress) annually required by the adhesion to the Global Compact.